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Teacher exchange

Destinatário: ELI

Dear Alena and John,
First of all, happy new year and we wish you all the best. According to the title of this letter, it kind of a shock news after nice two week’s vacation that our teacher was suddenly change from Jeff to Deborah. To be honest, we really looking forward to work with Matt and Jeff in this semester, but on Monday, we received the shocked news that Jeff’s been moved to teach level 6 and we got Deborah instead. At first, we think: “it’ Ok, we will give Deborah a chance”. Unfortunately, Deborah’s class is not interesting as we expected (Don’t get us wrong, she is a nice person, but her class is boring, sorry). We would rather have Jeff back to our class if it’s possible. Jeff is one of the mais factors that make level 5 students want to come to class. We enjoy his lesson and still have a lot of thing to learn from him, and also this semester could be Jeff’s last semester to teach in ELI, so please seriously considering it. We are begging you.

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